Advantages and disadvantages of traveling with your pet
November 07 , 2023

Advantages and disadvantages of traveling with your pet

Travel places that accept pets are expanding all over the world. The choices are infinite with pet-friendly tourist attractions, designated dog parks, and pet-friendly hotels complete with minibars, room service, and pet walking services! Pet travel is becoming more popular, and it's a fantastic choice for people who want to see new places with their cherished furry kid.

However, taking your pets on the road is more complicated than just loading up their food and leaving. Traveling with your pet can be expensive, not to mention stressful for your dog or cat. There are many things to keep in mind when you travel with your pet. We've outlined some benefits and drawbacks of pet travel below to assist you in making your decision.

Advantages of Traveling With Pet

Make You Feel Safer:

You will feel safer traveling with your dog by your side. In an unknown setting, your doctor can serve as a constant bodyguard. If you have a large dog, you can resist any threat even before it comes close to you. Any size dog will make you feel at ease. They can bark loudly to get other people's attention when anything is wrong.

Take Share-Worthy Photos:

When you travel, you want to share beautiful photos of the area on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Your pet's photos will receive more likes and comments if they are taken in beautiful settings and when they are dressed in winter clothing. Your selfies become in style when you include your beloved pet in the picture. Since people find pets to be endearing and adorable, they will want to take selfies with them while on vacation. Social media users will view your uploaded photographs.

You don't have to Miss Them:

You can relax on vacation knowing that your pet is with you and having a good time. There's no need to use Facetime to check in on your pet frequently. You can enjoy making wonderful memories with them and will no longer be stressful.

Provide great Company:

The nicest part of traveling with your pet is exploring new places together. Pets are pack animals, so being around their pack leader, i.e., you, make them happy. And you are pleased when they are happy. Additionally, they offer the best companionship (and cuddles) you could ever hope for. So, whether you're visiting dog-friendly beaches or exploring foreign cities, you and your pet can take in the sights together (and pose for some truly adorable vacation photos!).

Disadvantages of Traveling With a Pet

More Expensive:

There is no denying that traveling with pets can be costly. Depending on the distance, domestic pet travel in Australia might cost anywhere from $100 to $600. The cost of lodging will also vary widely. Traveling with a pet may be just as expensive as traveling with a person when you factor in the costs of airfare, lodging, and insurance. However, it can be less expensive to bring your pet with you if you compare the costs of checking them into a boarding facility. So, doing your research pays off.


Finding dog-friendly places is difficult. The answer will depend on the nation you are visiting and whether you are in a city or a rural location (which is much simpler here). I strongly advise packing a tent just in case (in the worst-case scenario of getting trapped on the road, at least you make sure you sleep under a "roof"). Your dog will also like sleeping outside. You are as well. More information about traveling with a tent can be found here.

Add some extra luggage:

Bowls, a towel, a leash, and a collar for the dog. Make sure to slightly increase the weight of your suitcase to avoid missing anything. Put your phone number on the license plate. It's also a good idea if you have a local number for the country where you'll be spending a lot of time. Additionally, you can get him a set of saddlebags. We hope he or she joins in as well.

More Responsibilities:

When you travel with dogs, your commitment is increased, making you feel like the parent of a child who is unable to verbally express their wants and feelings. You will need to take your pet with you wherever you go to keep it entertained because it cannot remain still in a hotel room all day and that is so stressful. Additionally, keep in mind that not all establishments welcome pets, so some areas might not be open to you. In light of this, engaging in such a hobby is not recommended if you wish to entirely unwind.

Stressful on Pets:

If your pet has never traveled before, long travel days paired with unfamiliar situations might be stressful for them. Their plans are disregarded, and they long for the creature comforts of home. Additionally, some pets may find flying to be an extremely stressful experience. In Australia, all pets (apart from service animals) must fly in the cargo hold in a container that has been approved by the airline. While airlines do their best to accommodate, certain pets may become anxious when confined to a short space.


You can view things from various angles while traveling to a faraway place. You'll see a change in your persona. A trip to a new location can help you gain a fresh perspective. However, taking your dog along will enhance your trip. It prompts you to think twice about your trip in general. To include your dog and ensure their comfort, you make preparations. The journey deepens your relationship with your dog when it is thoughtfully planned and carried out. A great experience that you want to repeat can be had when traveling with your best buddy.