Best Countries for Students: Scholarships for Pakistani Students & How to Apply
October 11 , 2023

Best Countries for Students: Scholarships for Pakistani Students & How to Apply

Hey there, future global scholars! If you're a Pakistani student dreaming of a scholarship to study abroad, you're in for an exciting journey. But here's the best part: many countries around the world are rolling out the red carpet with scholarships and student visas just for you. It might sound amazing but at the same time be quite confusing as to where to start and what to do.

Let's embark on a whirlwind tour of the best destinations and discover why they're perfect for your educational aspirations, concluding with brief pointers about the application process and of course, some tips for you!


First stop, Germany! Known for its cutting-edge education system and rich history, Germany offers a treasure trove of scholarships for Pakistani students. The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) is your go-to source for these golden opportunities. Plus, studying in Germany often means little to no tuition fees at public universities, making it budget-friendly. But you might wanna show some bank balance proof to gain admission to their universities, which can be problematic for some students.


Australia is famous for its diverse landscapes and top-notch education. The Australian government and many universities dish out study visa and scholarships to international students. The Australia Awards Scholarships, for instance, are a dream come true. Plus, you can work part-time during your studies to offset expenses.


This friendly country welcomes Pakistani students with open arms. The Canadian government and various universities provide financial aid and scholarships for Pakistani students. And guess what? After graduating, you could even apply for a post-graduation work permit and stay in this stunning country. You might even get a chance to attend a Justin Bieber concert. A cherry on top if you’re a JB fan. Just kidding. Let’s stay on track with educational discussion 🤭.

United Kingdom

Student visa for UK, the Birthplace of William Shakespeare (the famous poet and playwright), is not just easy to get but is also quite valuable. Across the pond in the UK, there are heaps of scholarships available for Pakistani students. The Chevening Scholarships are a standout option, offering a fully-funded opportunity to study in the UK. Plus, you get to explore the land that gave us the Beatles, Harry Potter (what a classic!), and uhh.. afternoon tea.


Turkey or Turkiye, the land of the Ottoman Empire, is the only country that falls on two different continents viz Asia and Europe. The country where history and modernity intertwine! The Turkish government offers the Türkiye Scholarships, making it an affordable choice for Pakistani students. So, if you’re looking for a study visa, this might be your next dream place.


Norway might be chilly, but its education system is red-hot! Hands down, one of the best countries if you are looking for a scholarship to study abroad. Norwegian universities offer a range of scholarships, and tuition is often free for international students. Need to pay huge amounts of fees? No-way! (pun intended 😁). Plus, you'll get to witness the stunning Northern Lights.


Sweden, a haven for innovation! Swedish universities offer numerous scholarships for international students. The Swedish Institute Scholarships are especially attractive. Plus, you'll be in a country known for its sustainability and design. You might want to contact study abroad consultants in case you are facing difficulties applying online. The authentic ones will charge a minimal fee and get you on board in a convenient way.

United States of America (USA)

The United States offers a plethora of scholarships, but let's not forget the Fulbright program. It's a game-changer. The U.S. is home to some of the world's top universities and a diverse, multicultural environment. But, compared to other countries, universities in this country are a little difficult to gain admission to due to America’s strict policies.


China is a rising star in education! The Chinese government provides CSC Scholarships for international students. Studying in China opens doors to one of the world's fastest-growing economies and a vibrant cultural scene. Due to the warm China-Pakistan friendship, the country offers scholarships for Pakistani students in various fields, especially medical and para-medical.

New Zealand

Last but not least, we have New Zealand, as a show-stopper on our list for now! This island nation is a rising star in education. Many New Zealand universities offer scholarships and a study visa. Oh, and what’s more.. you'll get to explore some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet.

Facing confusion while applying?

Alright, so you're on this academic rollercoaster, all excited and ambitious about your study abroad journey but then the state of confusion hits you hard when you have to apply for the actual deal.

Official websites

Firstly, make sure you keep visiting the official websites of the universities as well as the embassies of the countries you are interested in. They are your biggest source of information. Universities update their websites quite regularly for their new entrants.

Seek consultancy

Even when you are regularly keeping an eye on the websites, you are still left confused with the actual documentation and might even require personalized, step-by-step guidance. This is where the study abroad consultants step in.

Who are they, and why should you care? Well, let me spill the beans. These folks are like your fairy godparents in the study-abroad world. They're experts who've got your back, guiding you through the maze of overseas education, and helping you find the perfect university match. They'll consider your goals, budget, and aspirations to help you pick "the one." No more scratching your head over complex applications. They'll walk you through each form, essay, and requirement like seasoned pros.

Visa applications can be mind-boggling. Consultants will break it down, prep you for interviews, and ensure your visa is in the bag.

The major “Do-es” to keep in mind

Dream Big and Set Goals

First things first, let your imagination run wild. What's your dream destination? Do you see yourself studying beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris or maybe delving into robotics in the heart of Silicon Valley? Whatever your dream, own it!


Now, let's get real. Think about why you want to study abroad. Is it for the fancy degree, the cultural immersion, or just to prove you can survive in a new land? It's all good; just know your "why."


Studying abroad can be pricey. So, take a deep dive into your piggy bank, explore scholarship options, and start saving up.

Language prep

If you're heading to a non-English-speaking country, language prep is crucial. Get ready to say "Hola," "Bonjour," or "Ni Hao" with confidence and start taking language classes right away.

Pack your bags for your academic adventure!

Whether it is a student visa for UK that you are seeking or a scholarship in any other country, get ready for a very different future that awaits you! Studying abroad is like stepping into a storybook – full of adventures, challenges, and life-changing experiences. With your dreams, a trusty study abroad consultant, and a dash of determination, you're ready to write your own chapter. So, wear your explorer's hat, pick up that backpack, and let the academic odyssey begin! Your world of knowledge and wonder awaits. Safe travels, adventurer!