Best Northern Areas in Pakistan to Visit During Vacations
October 01 , 2023

Best Northern Areas in Pakistan to Visit During Vacations

Cuddled by mountains and lying in nature's finest, Northern areas in Pakistan are proof of the breathtaking beauty of our mother nature. These places are heaven on Earth for explorers, travel enthusiasts, and people who have a special place for exploring natural habitats in their hearts. Situated in the northern and north-western parts of Pakistan, It is a mountainous region comprising of Himalayas, Karakoram, and Hindukush mountain ranges, which also contains some of the world's highest mountains including Nanga Parbat, Rakaposhi, and the great K2, the 2nd highest mountain in the world making it a mountaineer’s dream vacation place.
For those who haven’t visited the northern areas, just imagine you are sitting beside a lake along with an emerald-green valley, soft rays of sun illuminating the colors in the plain, where crystal-clear water is streaming and gentle cold breezes move the leaves of trees, with various types of wildlife around you while you enjoy a hot cup of your favorite drink. Some of the tourists enjoy themselves in fresh water right from the falls, splashing water on each other. The nighttime is the best, with thousands of stars filling the sky with their celestial glow.
These northern areas in Pakistan hold diverse cultures within themselves. From ancient rituals and ceremonies of Hunza Valley to the colorful and joyful festivals of Chitral. These cities are full of different traditions and customs. People there welcome visitors with smiles and open arms and are considered hospitable all around the country.
In this blog, we will discuss some of the top cities in the northern areas of Pakistan, uncovering their hidden beauty, and sharing the stories of our adventure. So here is a list of top cities to visit if you are planning a trip to northern areas in Pakistan.


The name “Murree” means high place and is about 7500 feet above sea level. Also known as Queen of Hill, Murree is situated in the Pir Panjal mountain range and is certainly the favorite spot for the people of Pakistan to spend their holidays. First founded by the British government during British rule, Murree was the summer headquarter of the colonial Punjab Government until 1876 and became a popular tourist station for the British citizen of the British Raj. Later after partition, Pakistan was blessed with the presence of this beautiful hill station and it is just a few hours of drive away from Pakistan’s capital Islamabad.

How can we forget about the mall road of Murree? Also known as the heart of Murree, it is the most popular spot for tourists who visit Murree. Starting from Murree’s Northern Roundabout and ending at Kahuta Bridge, Mall Road is covered with many trees and flowers. It is a pedestrian-only street that is filled with different shops with items from across the world and many top-of-the-line hotels to spend your vacation in peace. So if you are visiting Murree, you should definitely buy some souvenirs for yourself or your loved ones back home.

One of the best things about Murree is its weather. Just like us if you don’t like extreme hot weather, Murree has your back. No matter if you visit in summer or winter, the weather there is ideal. In winter, due to heavy snowfalls, Murree is covered in snow. Every surface along with the tallest of the trees is covered in snow. Wherever you look, you will just see different shades of white. And in Summer, when the snow is melting and the weather is not too cold or hot, it is just perfect. After the snow has melted, the true colors of nature appear. The immense greenery, beautiful mountains, and breathtaking terrains are visible.

Naran Kaghan

Naran and Kaghan are two different spots that attract tourists both nationally and internationally. Both of them are situated in the district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa known as Mansehra. However, geographically Naran and Kaghan are two different valleys. Naran Valley is located inside the greater Kaghan Valley but goes by the famous term Naram Kaghan. Kahan is a beautiful valley starting from Balakot City and has a total area of about 1600 Km square. Surrounded by mountains with peaks as high as 17000 feet, it is another of the best places in north Pakistan to visit. The best part about these places is that despite being such far away, you can easily reach them via your private car or a bus service.

The best time to visit these valleys is in summer from April to September as everything is frozen and you can’t really enjoy the lakes. In summer, just stopping next to a lake will freshen you up. These lakes are full of life and if you are lucky, you can catch some fish and enjoy a freshly cooked meal all by yourself. One of the most famous lakes Saif ul Malook is also situated about 9 kilometers north of the Naran valley. So if you are a person who loves flowing water and mountain terrain, Naran Kaghan is the best and the most beautiful option.

Neelum Valley

Kashmir, Also known as heaven on Earth, also has one the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan known as Neelum Valley. Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir is a small valley town with a population of less than 200,000 but for sure a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. The things that make Neelum Valley famous are various lakes, rivers, and waterfalls along with refreshing green meadows, dense forests, and relaxing weather.

There are many beautiful places to visit in the valley like Ratti Gali Lake, Sharda, Keran, Kutton Lake, and tons of others. Each of them is incomparably beautiful, but the one that we loved the most was Neelum River. Neelum River also known as the Kishanganga River is a large water bed covered by mountains on both sides giving a beautiful environment and scenery that will give you incredible peace of heart. You can enjoy your stay by enjoying various types of meals on the riverbed along with your family or friends.

Long Words short, these were the best Northern areas in Pakistan according to us. Providing the best weather, scenery, and travel episodes one could ever wish for. So if you are planning a trip, do consider these places to enhance your experience. So plan a trip with your loved ones for your next vacation. Without any hesitation, pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready for an unforgettable trip.