Exploring Culinary Delights: Lahore's Lanis Kitchen, Cheezious, Forks n Knife, and Pizza Online
November 12 , 2023

Exploring Culinary Delights: Lahore's Lanis Kitchen, Cheezious, Forks n Knife, and Pizza Online

Pakistan's Punjab province capital, Lahore, is well known for its thriving fast food industry as well as its varied culinary establishment. Lahori fast food is a distinct and delectable temptation for residents as well as tourists, combining authentic Pakistani flavors alongside inspiration from around the world.

You're guaranteed to stumble upon a broad variety of delicious selections to sate your appetites, while you're touring the city's crowded sidewalks or stopping by its fast food restaurants.

As we all know, Lahore's fast food sector, which combines worldwide quick food with conventional Pakistani flavors to create an enjoyable cuisine background, is a monument to the city's unique culinary legacy.

Lani’s Kitchen Chinese Restaurant:

As we can see from the name of the restaurant it serves mainly Chinese cuisine. People nowadays love to eat Chinese food and it has become an essential part of our daily routine. If we talk about the food the restaurant serves, it contains many types of items from dumplings to seafood. Now let's see some of the well-known deals and items the restaurant is giving us at affordable prices.


Lani's Kitchen is located at D-3 Wapda Main Blvd, Wapda Town, Lahore.

Let's start with the Appetizers and it is full of options like drumsticks, Honey Wings, types of Chicken, Tempura Prawns, Fish, Chips, etc. The most popular of them all is everyone's favorite Chinese Dumplings and if we talk about the cost then all of them are about 500-900 pkr each.

Here we’ll mention the most popular of them all and everyone’s favorite, Hot & Sour Soup and Chicken Corn Soup, and the prices of them are about 700 pkr each. And if we talk about their Deal in a Bowl there are almost every gravy but the most popular of them all is Chicken Manchurian Bowl, Chicken Chili Dry, and Mongolian Chicken these are single serving deal served with Egg Fried Rice and the price for this single deal vary from 800-1000 pkr.

Then they have a Deal name with Lani’s Exclusive Deal and contains heavy serving, deals are like couple deals, friends deals, and family deals then drum sticks deals, etc and the cost varies from 1000-4500 pkr. The Restaurant further deals in different types of Chicken Speciality, Sides, and Noodles and Beverages.


The restaurant has an average ambiance, it's not so good and not so bad.If we talk about the rating of the restaurant, people rate Lani's Kitchen Culinary 3.8/5 and this is not a bad rating.


Cheezious is well known for its most delicious pizza in the town. The restaurant became known for its cheesy pizza and exclusive deals. The restaurant is best known for its loaded cheese crown crust pizza and crunchy pasta. The restaurant is not so old but because of its edible, flavorful, and appetizing food, it became popular in a shorter time period. The restaurant deals in different flavors of pizza and here we’ll talk about them.


Cheezious has three branches in different areas of Lahore i.e. DHA Lahore, Johar Town, Near the Expo Center, and Baghbanpura.

The Menu starts with the starter and it has many options like wings, spring rolls in different flavors like Bihari and Arabic, calzone chunks, and cheese sticks. The cost ranges from 500-1100 pkr and it's not so expensive.

Further, have a look at their deals which serve single or family, are somewhat local, and contains normal flavor of pizzas like, chicken fajita, chicken tikka, vegetable pizza, etc and range from 590 pkr. Then they have a Somewhat Sooper deal which has flavors like Euro, Cheese Lover Pizza, Black Pepper Pizza, and the favorite of all Pepperoni Pizza and the cost of each is about 590 pkr. The Cheesy Treats have the Special Cheezious, Bihari Kebab, and Chicken Extreme which range from 1450 pkr each. But the best of the restaurant is Crown Crust and Stuff Crust Pizza for 1450-1500 pkr each. The menu contains Pizza Deals and the most popular of them all is Large Pizza Deal which contains a large pizza and 1 liter drink at the cost of 1790 pkr.

The restaurant is full of delicious options to relax your taste buds, there are many options in the Sandwiches & Platters deal and the price varies from 800-1100 pkr each.

The restaurant is well known for its pasta and now they have two flavors of pasta Crunchy Chicken Pasta and Alfredo Cheese Pasta and it ranges from 800-1000 pkr. There are many other options like burgers which contain different flair of burgers along with drinks, fries, and crispy chicken pieces of your own choice and the cost of each varies from 1000-1900 pkr. In short, the restaurant is full of good fast food options.


The Ambiance of the restaurant is good. People love to go there and enjoy their food. And people rated the place 4.6/5 and it's a good number.

Forks n Knives:

Forks n Knives is not an unknown restaurant and it's not the new one in the town, the restaurant has been serving for years, and because of its culinary and satisfying ambiance people like to dine in and enjoy their food to its fullest. The restaurant is now a little old and known for its good taste of pizza, but the restaurant is also serving many other options other than pizza so let's explore it.


The restaurant marked its way in Lahore's many areas like Abdul Haq Rd, Shahdara, DHA, Y Block, DHA Commercial Market, and Main Boulevard Allama Iqbal Town.

Flavors, cost & deals:

They provide a large selection of pizzas, which includes classic margaritas, pepperoni, and vegetarian alternatives among them. In addition, they offer a few fascinating pizza varieties that will definitely please your palate, like smoky beef, chicken tikka, and BBQ chicken. To quench your appetite for pizza, they also serve salads, desserts, and appetizers. Let's have a look at some popular deals.

Traditional Pizza has a traditional flavor like bbq and tikka etc and it has small, regular, and large size prices varying from 500-1500 pkr. Specialty Pizza deal consists of two options regular and large and prices are 1145 or 1595 pkr each. Square King Pizza consists of Malai botti and Kebab flavors with sizes of personal, premium, and grand and the cost is about 600-2200 pkr.

Appetizers have platters and spin rolls of different flavors, and they cost 500-600 each. We can also enjoy an FNK Salad Bar and its price is 875 pkr for one. Further, the restaurant has a variety of crispy chicken burgers and pasta, the most popular of them all is the Deluxe burger for 750 pkr and the famous Lasagna for 780 pkr.

In desserts, you can have the option of ice cream brownie and everyone's favorite brownie with ice cream for 450 pkr.


The environment of the restaurant is satisfying and people rate the place 3.3/5.

Pizza Online:

The name clarifies very clearly that the restaurant serves pizza and their specialty is pizza of different and unique flavors. The restaurant has become famous in a very short period of time.


Pizza Online has two branches one is in Lahore's Iqbal Town and the second in Johar Town.

Renowned pizza joint Pizza Online is well-known because of its savory and scrumptious pizzas. It is currently a popular destination for pizza enthusiasts in the metropolitan area because of its wide menu as well as online delivery capabilities. Pizza Online possesses something for everybody, whether you're craving a traditional pepperoni pizza or you're looking for something a little different, like their chicken tikka pizza.

Savor a range of delicious pizza flavors, rolls, and sandwiches, as well as oven-baked wings and nuggets, fried potatoes, and crispy chicken oven-baked pasta—all expertly prepared to satiate your demands. The pizza prices range from 500-1850 pkr. Rolls and sandwiches vary from 500-650 pkr. The most favorite Flaming pasta is for 650 pkr. The restaurant is full of many other options you can go and enjoy your favorite.


The restaurant offers a good environment and because of its culinary establishment, people like to go there. That's why people rated the place at good points 4.4/5.