Hunza Valley (Hunza Nagar) Road Trip from Islamabad
September 26 , 2023

Hunza Valley (Hunza Nagar) Road Trip from Islamabad

One of the best road trips in Pakistan is from Islamabad to Hunza Valley (Hunza Nagar). It takes 19 hours from Islamabad to Hunza by road. The distance from Islamabad to Hunza is 600km. Despite being familiar with the name of the valley, many of you might still be confused by a question popping into your mind: Where is Hunza? Hunza, one of the most stunning valleys on earth, is located in Pakistan's far north and is frequently referred to as "heaven on earth." This lush green valley is home to numerous mountains, glaciers, stunning natural features, and a very vibrant culture.

There are two routes from Islamabad to Hunza:

  • Islamabad to Hunza Babusar Route:
    This is a shorter and more preferable route if you drive from the Mansehra town center to Balakot. The Naran to Hunza distance is about 317 km via N – 15 and N – 35 via Babusar Top with an altitude of 13,691 ft.
  • Islamabad to Hunza Besham Route
    If you choose this route, turn left from Mansehra Town Center towards Shikiyari.

Islamabad to Hunza by Bus:

We highly recommend Faisal Movers because it charges only Rs 1800 per ticket from Islamabad to Hunza. The bus gets to Hunza in 15 hours.

How Much Time Does It Take from Islamabad to Hunza by Car?

It takes 12 hours through the Babusar route. If we start from Naran, the Naran to Hunza distance covers 5 hours and 42 minutes.

Through the Besham route, takes 16 hours on this route.

Islamabad to Hunza Rent a Car:

It costs Rs 5000 per person if you need the front seat of a Toyota Corolla Car. Sometimes you have to share your ride with three passengers (at the back). You can also choose the route from Islamabad to Gilgit and onward to Hunza. Islamabad to Gilgit costs around Rs. 16000 to 18000. You can hire a car with a driver from PirWadhai (Rawalpindi) Committee Chowk (Rawalpindi) and G9 (Islamabad).

Cost of Islamabad to Hunza Flight?

There is no flight directly from Islamabad to Hunza, but flights by the national carrier PIA and private airlines amount to 12 per week. The plane tickets cost around $172 per person. The other way is to first take a flight directly from Islamabad to Gilgit airport and then take a short 2–3-hour drive to Hunza Valley.

Islamabad to Hunza by Air:

The Gilgit to Hunza distance is about 100km. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) offers regular flights from Islamabad to Gilgit, but all of these are subject to delays because of weather clearance. Compared to the alternative, this choice is simpler but far less interesting.

The flight from Islamabad to Gilgit takes 1 hour, and the drive to Hunza from Gilgit is 30 minutes.

Places You Don’t Want to Miss Out in Hunza.

  • Baltit Fort
  • Hopper Glacier
  • Husseini Suspension bridge
  • Karakoram Highway
  • Attabad Lake
  • Khunjerab Pass
  • Naltar Valley
  • Ultar Sar Peak hike
  • Haldeikish Petroglyphs
  • Eagle’s Eye Restaurant on the cliff
  • Nagar Valley
  • Chinese Cemetery
  • Kargah Buddha
  • Colliding point of Karakorum, Himalaya and Hindukush Ranges
  • Skardu Trip
  • Shimshal Village Tour

If we compare it with European countries, we must say that nothing can beat Hunza Valley in Pakistan in terms of natural beauty.

Famous Foods of Hunza:

Hunza is called the paradise of dry fruits, apples, and apricots. The two most-known dishes of Hunza are Chap Shuru and Manto. The Chap Shuru is a pie/pizza with mince inside. Mantos are dumplings that cook on steam with mince inside.

Is Hunza Valley Safe?

Hunza Valley is in northern Pakistan and is the most peaceful place in the world, despite what Western media has tried to tell us. 99% of the country is as safe as Europe.

Hunza Weather:

Hunza is at a height of 2348 meters above sea level. Its weather can go below 0°C. The official tourism season is from May to October due to the closure of roads because of snow. It might be considered the best time to visit Hunza Valley Pakistan. The Summer in Hunza is Moderate because Hunza Valley sits among mountains. The temperature reaches a maximum of 31°C at its peak.

People in Hunza Valley:

The people of Hunza are known for their calm and down-to-earth personalities. They are brilliant. They have the knowledge and educational background. The people of Hunza mostly have fair skin and are mostly Ismailis. Hunzan speaks a language called Burushaski. The Welcoming attitude of Hunza people spreads a positive vibe that encourages tourists to visit every season.

Best Places to Stay in Hunza Valley

Here are some of the best accommodations and hand-picked hotels in Hunza Valley Pakistan. These hotels offer luxury comfort and heartbreaking views too.

  • Hunza Serena Inn: This hotel is located in Karimabad and is the most luxurious hotel. It is part of the Luxury hotel Chain Serena Group.
  • Hunza Glamping Resort: As the name suggests, this is the new and best-built glamping style cheap accommodation in Hunza. At this resort, you can stay dome-shaped with far-reaching views of the valley.
  • Eagle Nest Hotel: This hotel is at the top of the mountain Duikar (Eagle’s Nest). This hotel provides you with the best 360-degree view that surrounds the valley. If you witness the most beautiful sunrise, the sunset must stay here.
  • Baltit Heritage Inn: If you are looking for a budget-friendly place to stay in Hunza, Valley Baltit Heritage Inn is the best place. Because of the terrace, guests can enjoy their meal while viewing the majestic Hunza Valley.

Arts and Crafts in Hunza:

The specialty of Hunza Valley (Hunza Nagar) is the wood carving industry, which is now facing its downfall. The people of Hunza are famous for their wooden hand-carved things like crockery, cutlery, and decoration pieces. Some Hunza people are working hard to bring back the tradition because tourists love to buy unique wooden art pieces. They are self-taught artisans and are passionate about their work. They spend most of their time finding fallen trees.

Safety Concerns:

You need to think about whether it's miles safe to tour by road or by bus on this type of long distance at such risky steep places at instances. Nicely, it’s safe. The newly carpeted, long highways with streetlights and cat eyes will assist you at night. There is no pressure on the driver; you just should take breaks and rest. A few places have lethal edges; plan your ride so these patches exceed in daylight. For example, in Chilas, it's very likely to witness land sliding, so be cautious even when crossing the area. You can skip it in the daytime and at speed to avoid accidents. At the same time as the areas of Naran are concerned, you could always hire jeeps as the locals are professionals in driving in those places.

As noted in advance, the humans of Hunza and all the passing regions are very welcoming and generous. You'll now not feel any safety threat at the same time as on a ride to Hunza. It’s safe and comfortable. Aside from that, maintain all your necessary documents to prove your identity at any time. Foreigners must get themselves registered before getting into the Northern regions.

Here we've got a complete tour guide from Islamabad to Hunza to help you plan and organize your ride better, as it's essential to recognize all of the little details for a hassle-free excursion. Revel in it and have a memorable journey this summer.

So now, if any of your friends ask, “Where is Hunza?” we’re sure you’d be able to guide them well with as much joy as we had while guiding you.