Let's Explore Athens - The Capital of Greece
September 30 , 2023

Let's Explore Athens - The Capital of Greece

Athens, the ancient capital of Greece, is a city where history whispers through the wind, where every step feels like a journey through time. It's a place where modernity seamlessly blends with antiquity, where vibrant culture mingles with millennia-old traditions. Welcome to Athens, a destination that promises to leave an indelible mark on your soul.

A city of history

Athens is synonymous with history. It's the birthplace of democracy, the cradle of Western civilization, and the home of philosophers like Socrates and Plato.

A visit to Athens wouldn't be complete without exploring the Acropolis, an ancient citadel perched on a hill overlooking the city. At its crown stands the Parthenon, an architectural masterpiece that has withstood the test of time.

Now, just below the Acropolis, there's a cool place called the Acropolis Museum. It's like a treasure chest with stuff from the Parthenon and other old places. If you walk on the glass floor, you can see the old things they dug up from the ground underneath!

Right next to the famous Acropolis, you'll find the Ancient Agora. It's where ancient Athenians gathered for everything from trading goods to discussing politics. Walking through the ruins here feels like stepping back in time. As you stand in the shadow of these ancient marvels, you can't help but feel the weight of Greek history.

The heart of Athens: Plaka and Monastiraki

If you like to walk around in old neighborhoods, Plaka is the place to be. It's got old buildings and cozy places to eat. Nearby, there's Monastiraki with its busy market. You can find all sorts of neat stuff there, like souvenirs, old stuff, and local crafts. When the sun goes down, the streets come alive with music and the yummy smells of Greek food.

Syntagma Square and the Guard Show

You should also visit Syntagma Square, some amazing sights in Athens. There, you can watch the Changing of the Guard ceremony in front of the Parliament building. It's a bit like a dance with soldiers wearing special clothes. It's really interesting!

Mount Lycabettus

If you further seek to discover Greek history, visit the mountains. For the best views in town, you can climb Mount Lycabettus or take a train to the top. From there, you can see Athens all around you. The best time to go is during the sunset. The view is like a dream!

One of the most magical aspects of Mount Lycabettus is its accessibility. Unlike strenuous hikes up rugged mountains, reaching its summit is as easy as taking a funicular railway or a leisurely walk. As you ascend towards the top, you'll notice a gradual transformation in the atmosphere. The city's clamor and hustle slowly fade, replaced by a serene stillness that's punctuated only by the sound of rustling leaves and the occasional chirping of birds.

National Archaeological Museum

If you're a history buff like me, you're in for a treat at the National Archaeological Museum. It's like a time machine filled with ancient Greek artifacts. From sculptures to pottery, this place is a history lover's paradise.

Greek Islands

When you're in the capital of Greece, you can also visit some amazing Greek islands nearby. You just hop on a short ferry ride to places like Hydra, Aegina, and Poros. Each island has its own beauty and adventures waiting for you.

Friendly Athenians

The people in Athens are warm and friendly. They love to chat, especially at cafes and restaurants. If you start a conversation, you'll learn a lot about their city and their history. Greeks are proud of their culture and like to share it with visitors like us. When you're strolling through the historic neighborhoods or savoring a meal at a local taverna, don't be surprised if a friendly Athenian strikes up a conversation.


Greek is the main language, but many Greeks speak English in touristy places. It's a good idea to learn a few Greek words, like "Kalimera" for "good morning" and "Efharisto" for "thank you." The food in Athens is delicious! Try dishes like moussaka, which is like a yummy baked dish with meat and eggplants. Don't forget to taste souvlaki, which is meat on a stick, and Greek salad with feta cheese and olives.

Oh, and for a hot treat, try Athenian coffee. Athens takes its coffee seriously. Greek coffee is strong and served in a small cup. Sip it slowly and savor the rich, aromatic flavors. Don't forget to check for your coffee grounds at the bottom; it's a tradition to read your fortune in them!

A city that takes you back in time

Athens is not just a city; it's like a time machine. It's a place where you can learn about the past while having fun in the present. In Athens, history isn't a distant concept locked away in books; it's a living, breathing entity that envelops you. It's the feeling you get when you step onto the same stones where Plato once walked.

So, when you visit Athens, get ready to have a blast and make memories that will stay with you forever. Athens is waiting to tell you its stories and share its magic!

Do not forget!

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As you explore Athens, you'll find that many places, especially in the touristy areas, accept credit cards. However, it's a good practice to have some cash (Euros) with you for small purchases, street vendors, or places that may not accept cards.

Athens awaits you!

As our Athenian journey comes to an end, one thing is abundantly clear: Athens is an enigmatic blend of history, culture, and culinary wonders waiting to be explored. From the iconic Acropolis to the hidden gems tucked away in its historic neighborhoods, Athens promises an unforgettable experience. You'll find yourself immersed in a city that's not just ancient but vibrantly alive, where every step is a story, every meal is a revelation, and every smile from an Athenian welcomes you into their world.

So, fellow travelers, pack your bags, embrace the warm hospitality of the Athenian people, and prepare to be captivated by a city that effortlessly weaves the past and present into a tapestry of unforgettable moments. The magic of this ancient city is waiting to leave an indelible mark on your heart. Don't miss the chance to experience it for yourself. Athens calls, and your adventure begins now!