Winterland, Paniq room, magic planet & fun factory  (Which One is Better?)
November 06 , 2023

Winterland, Paniq room, magic planet & fun factory (Which One is Better?)


Are you sick and exhausted from escaping the fiery heat inside? You don't need to search anymore because we have the perfect getaway—a year-round -10° temperature. Yes, you may enjoy everything icy and enjoyable at Lahore's first indoor, climate-controlled snow park, Winterland Lahore! Prepare yourself for an action-packed day that includes exciting rides, ice skating, ziplining, mouthwatering refreshments, captivating ice sculptures, and much more. Winterland Lahore offers activities for all types of gatherings, including hangouts with friends and family. Why wait then? Come with us as we explore this enchanted snow globe and enjoy some frosty fun!

Winterland Lahore offers two types of tickets for their visitors. The standard ticket with pricing of Rs.1499/- for only an hour's stay. On the other hand the premium ticket with a price of Rs.2499/- with fast entry, snacks, and photography facilities. Free entry for children below 2 years. The time for the visit is 1 PM to 11 PM.

Winterland is located in Bahria Town Lahore covering the 19 Kanals area near the iconic Eiffel Tower and Rahia Gold Plex cinema in Ghaznavi Block SectorF.

Winterland Lahore is home to around 7,000 tons of solid ice that are produced using a thin-air mist and high-pressure application method. This indicates that the snow is entirely natural and not man-made!

To help you plan and get the most out of your vacation, we've included a list of all these fun events below.

  • Infinity Slide
  • Tunnel Slide
  • Merry Snow Round
  • Ice Cycling
  • Ice Skating
  • Snow Play Area
  • Bumper Cars
  • Zipline
  • Kid’s Slide & Play Area


Are you capable of escaping? At PanIQ Escape Room Bahria Town Lahore, an adventure is in store!

PanIQ Room is a real-life room escape game that offers players an incredibly distinctive and unforgettable experience. Lahore’s PanIQ Escape Room is one of the biggest and most varied gaming experiences in Lahore, featuring four innovative escape games that include riddles and hidden clues. The objective of the Paniq room is to locate and utilize items that lead players through a series of skill and logic tests, gradually leading them to the last puzzle that provides the key to escape. The ticket prices of paniq rooms vary for 2-4 tickets you can get a discounted price of Rs. 4000/- per person, if you buy 5-7 tickets the discounted price is Rs.3400/- per person, and for 8-10 tickets the discounted price is Rs.3000/- per person.


Have you ever visited the Lahore Magic Planet Amanah Mall, a family entertainment center? It is one of Pakistan's biggest fun family entertainment venues and is situated in Lahore. It features a food court, a video gaming arcade, and a kids' play area, so there is something for everyone. In addition, there is an indoor amusement park featuring thrilling attractions like roller coasters. If you want to spend an enjoyable day out with your family, this is the place to go. Thus, why do you delay?

With a variety of amenities and services, Magic Planet Lahore is among the greatest locations in Pakistan for family enjoyment. The largest trampoline park in Pakistan is currently located in the mall, and among its many attractions are trampolines, a foam pit, a trapeze, a basketball, and much more. The Magic Planet Amanah Mall employees in Lahore are likewise incredibly kind and helpful. The best part is that these amenities are very affordable, with prices as low as Rs. 60.

Attractions that Magic Planet provides:

1. Trampoline Park

2. Trampolines at Magic Planet

3. A Foam Pit

4. A Trapeze

5. Basketball at Magic Planet

6. Electronic Bumper Cars

7. Music

8. 7D Cinema

9. Roller Skating

10. Bumper Soffer at Magic Planet

11. Crazy Hunting

12. Soft Play Area

13. 3D Shooting

14. Games at Magic Planet

15. Latest VR Games

16. Indoor Pirate Boat

17. Top Spin

18. Merry-Go-Round

19. Drop Tower


The Fun Factory Park at Emporium Mall Lahore is the ideal destination for anyone searching for an exciting indoor adventure park in Lahore for a fun-filled day. For all ages, this park has a wide range of indoor rides, games, and attractions. We'll walk you through all the information you need to plan a trip to The Fun Factory Park in this guide, including how to get tickets, which rides and attractions are recommended, what to eat, safety precautions, and useful advice for the day. Become a part of the Fun Factory Park community now to get access to the best resource for exciting adventures. For every age, the ticket price is Rs. 400 for 45 minutes, and for unlimited time, the price is Rs 600. Weekday hours for the Fun Factory Park are 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, and on weekends, opening time is 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM. There is food for every taste, ranging from gourmet dining to quick food. While it is technically forbidden to bring alcohol into the park, you are welcome to bring food and beverages.

Some of the fun areas in Fun Factory

1. Grand Carnival

2. Circus

3. Fantasy Zone

4. The Jungle Experience

5. The Drak City

6. Cuddle Paradise

In Short, If you are planning to visit the fun Area with family located in Lahore, we would suggest you visit WinterLand, Magic Planet, and Fun Factory if we compare them with their prices, entertainment, and facilities. The Paniq Escape room is somewhat expensive for their prices, the fun is not for children because of escape, no doubt adults can enjoy but not children.